26 asanas (postures) + 2 Pranayama (breathing exercises) make this astonishing serie. Each posture allows your body to get ready for the next one.
Practicing Bikram yoga, you will work all over your body. A regular and diligent practice will bring you a lot of benefits:
– Reinforce all the muscles
– Stimulate all the systems
– Strengthen all the joints, ligaments, tendons, preventing injuries (especially for athletes)
The heat 40°C (110°F) in the “hot room” improves the work and the stretch of the muscles without risk of injury. The heat also eliminates toxins faster through the skins and stimulates cardiovascular system. You will improve your focus. You will need 4-5 classes to get used of the heat, and soon you will love it and even miss it !
Sonia Saint-Jean
Head of communications
“I discovered Bikram yoga by accident, talking with a friend about the benefits and the challenging side of the practice. Well, I wasn’t convinced… me? doing yoga? However after 18 months of practice, I’m stronger, more flexible. My joints are opening. I feel more focused, and more able to channel my energy, to manage my hyperactivity. The key aspect in my case, is about how Bikram yoga helps me to reduce my joint discomfort/pains. I suffer from autoimmune disease which makes my joints very stiff. Practice Bikram yoga helps me to stretch, to open, to change my joints. Morning stiffness and mechanical body locks are over. I’m grateful to the teachers who always make us going through the 90 minutes of the class, despite difficulty and struggle. I thank them for sharing their energy. I encourage everyone to give it a try, because everyone will find his own challenge. Everyone can come and find out what he was looking for, what he needed. Namasté. Sonia”
Kevin Olsen
Surfeur Pro – Shaper
« After 28 years of surf, I have put my body through massive periods of stress with no real recovery program and my body decided enough was enough? Physically surfing is harsh on the body – ask any surfer or doctor.
I was sick my body was telling me so. I became aware of increasing pains and a steady lack of flexibility. As the years went on, I struggled with my surfing and the pain of multiple injuries became chronic and very difficult to deal with on a daily basis.

More than two decades ago, I was involved in a nearly fatal car accident in South Africa. Hit side by a a car traveling over 60km per hour, I was physically smashed from the impact breaking the left femur, pelvis bone, ruptured bladder along with internal damages. For 20 years I visited doctors, though I learned from them, I was not healed. In 2015, I had to get another surgery in emergency because of very bad chronic pains coming from my abdominal area. Again a very long recovery.

Life is a challenge and it was time to challenge myself. So I made some changes and I started doing Bikram yoga. The first class was torture but “no pain, no gain”

I learnt that transformation takes time… and time is patience. A daily practice with no excuse, only to be courageous and focused on my ultimate goal which is to feel good and stay healthy. I was determined to give it a go.

This practice is a balanced approach to physical and mental fitness. It is a preventive health program with resulting gains in physical strength and functioning, psychological fitness, and spiritual and emotional development. » Kevin.

“I am sixty years old, Bikram yoga allows me to stay fit in good health, physically and mentally.

At the beginning, I felt nervous about the heat, but after a few classes I really get used of it. Sometimes, I even feel it’s not warm enough! Heat became a steady ally in my practice. It helps go deeper, safely in the postures, and works on my cardiovascular system. I’ve never sweat that much before, I do feel I get a new skin each time! The more I practice, the more reenergized I feel!”
Hélène, 60 yo (practicing Yoga Bikram for 3 years).

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