Yoga Bikram is a dynamic sequence of 26 Hatha Yoga asanas (postures)  + 2 Pranayama (breathing exercises), completed in a heated room to 40°C during 90 minutes.

The sequence is challenging  but accessible to everyone of all ages and abilities.

It will help you improve yourself physically and mentally


40 degrees in the shade all the year in the hot room to give you a warm welcome!

Bikram Yoga is “The Original Hot Yoga”.

Why « HOT » ? Heat helps you to :

  • stretch your body deeply preventing injuries
  • eliminate toxins from the body by sweating
  • work on your cardio-vascular system
  • improve concentration

90 minutes to reinforce, to stretch, to stimulate systematically every system, organ, muscle, blood vessel, joint, ligament to attain maximal health and optimal function of your body.

Doesn’t matter if you do sport or not, if think you are too young, too old, too flexible, too stiff, too tall, too small, too big, too slinny, Yoga Bikram is for everyone !

Everybody is gonna challenge himself, improving at his own pace according to his body and limits.

There’s no performance, we are all different !

Challenge yourself

according to your body !